Fall Cleanup ServicesFall Cleanup

Fall Cleanup Services

Fall is the typical time at the end of the growing season to cleanup all of the fallen leaves off the trees, as well as cleanup the landscape beds to prepare for winter. From raking leaves to weeding beds, we can do it all. Fall cleanups include: pruning and shaping of perennials and shrubs, clearing dead foliage, leaf/debris collection and removal, and blowing of plant beds. Trimming back the plants and shrubs help remove overgrowth or damaged areas and clear the way for new growth in the spring. We also do a final mowing, at a shorter height as disease has a harder time with shorter grass over winter. Grass that is two to two and a half inches tall before winter will help deter snow mold. We can also do leaf removal only. Leaf removal not only provides your lawn a neat and clean appearance but prevents molds growing over the winter. It is recommended to cleanup yards twice per year, once in the spring and once in the fall. If you have special requests for your fall cleanup or leaf removal, let us know as we can tailor our service to accommodate your needs.


General Cleanup Services

Does your yard need a little extra TLC?
Your life is busy and you may have neglected your yard. You may have a special event coming up so you want to make your yard look extra nice: a photo session at your home, hosting a graduation party or barbeque with lots of people coming to visit your yard. You may be selling your home and want to give a great first impression to a prospective buyer or you may have just bought a home where the yard was neglected. Also living in Wisconsin where we have extreme winds can cause a lot of unwanted debris in your shrubs and yard that need to be cleaned up. These are all common examples for general cleanups and will be based on your yards needs.

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