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Curb Edging Residential and Commercial.

Concrete curb edging is a free-flowing landscape border, which is an affordable way to add definition and value to your home. Unlike traditional plastic edging, curb edging does not deteriorate or crack like plastic edging does. Our curb edging is reinforced with cable and fiber mesh, which strengthens the curb up to 5x more than traditional curb. It also ties the colors together from your house, stone and landscape. We use up to 6 different colors which ties the colors together from your house, stone, brick and landscaping. Natural stone curb edging is a customer favorite, as it is hand-carved with multiple colors to create a true stone look and feel. We also offer patterns you can choose from. Concrete curb edging is low maintenance, provides a barrier for weeds and keeps mulch and rock in, unlike flimsy narrow plastic edging. Curb edging providesan elegant way to beautify your landscape.

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Residential Curb Edging

Residential curb edging helps your landscape look beautiful with minimal to zero maintenance. Getting it done through professionals turns out to be economical and faster. Our professionals at A+ Lawn Care can bring state-of-art equipment to ensure your curb is not only beautiful but quality that lasts. Spend your time doing something more useful such as gardening or just chilling out in your lawn and leave curb edging to the experts! Here are some of the benefits of residential curb edging:

Stylish, adds definition and value to your property

Durable, reinforced with cable and fiber mesh which strengthens it 5x more than traditional curb that is not reinforced

Design flexibility, including flowing curves and ties colors together from your house, brick, stone and landscape

Custom hand-carved natural stone create a “true stone and look feel”

Helps your home stand out in your neighborhood or to a prospective buyer

Functional, as it provides a great barrier for weeds, keeping mulch and rock in and grass and weeds out

Protect soil from erosion in your landscape bed

Makes trimming and edging easier

Commercial Curb Edging

Commercial properties are typically expected to provide a certain level of aesthetic appeal for its guests and employees. A well maintained lawn can give that amazing first impression to new clients or new employees, thus making curb edging an important aspect for beautiful landscaping.

There are many different types of decorative curbs available in the market that can match your existing ambiance. A+ Lawn Care provides suggestions and customized plans for decorative curb edging. From preparation to laying the edge, applying colors and hand-carving, we just take one day, because we know that for a business the most critical factor is time. No, that doesn’t mean that we compromise on quality.

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Frequently asked questions

What is curb edging and why is it so important?

Curb edging is a solid border made of concrete to provide a boundary surrounding your landscape, separating the flower beds and yard. Curb edging:–

Gives a great curb appeal to your property. For example, if you want to sell your property, a great first impression can be created by the outside. Flimsy, torn plastic edging doesn’t invite a potential buyer into your home. Concrete curb edging is aesthetically pleasing and can catch buyers’ eyes.

Ensures low maintenance. Traditional plastic edging doesn’t last as long as it can be torn by your mower or trimmerand can shift over time due to freeze/thaw cycles since it’s not concrete. Eventually plastic edging will also need to be replaced. Concrete curb edging can withstand blades from the mower or trimmer, making it easier for you to maintain your landscape. Concrete curb edging is much more durable and long lasting compared to plastic edging.

Enhances the value of your property, whether it is your residential or commercial property, creative ways of curb edging can give your property an edge over others. The options are limitless and you can choose to customize the entire landscape.
Affordable. Concrete curb edging has a lower overall cost than plastic edging due to it’s durability and longevity. Plastic edging eventually wears out and needs to be replaced.

What goes into the cost of curb edging?

There are many factors to be considered to decide the total cost, however some factors for concrete curb edging price are:

Area of curb edging

Price of materials

Installation charges

Type of curb, colors selected, and patterns for instance some colors can range from $200-$500 and others are much cheaper. A+ Lawn Care’s Natural Stone curb edging is custom hand-carved to look and feel like real stones.

Experience of your concrete curb edging professional

What is the curb edging process?

We will remove and dispose of any existing edging that you have.

We will spray paint to mark our lines. You have design flexibility with widening out areas to create more definition or make it easier for you to mow.

We will use a bed edger to prep a trench where the curb will be laid along the spray paint lines.

We will hand mix the concrete and add color. The concrete is poured into an extruding machine that pushes it in out into one long continuous curb along with steel cable to reinforce it.

We will trowel the curb to fill in any air pockets and cut expansion joints which helps prevent cracking in cold temperatures.

Depending on your choice of curb we may add additional color and then create the style you want, whether it’s a pattern or hand-carved natural stone.

About 1 week after curb installation, we will come back and seal the curb with a sealant. We wait about a week to allow time for the concrete to properly cure. The sealant provides a protectant barrier to seal in the color and keep it looking fresh. We recommend sealing once every 2 years to keep the curb looking great without fading.

What is the best time for curbing?

The best time for installing curb edging is from spring to fall where temperatures are consistently at or above 50 degrees.

How long does curb edging stay?

The general life of A+ Lawn Care’sconcrete curb edging is 15-20 years. The steel cable and fiber mesh strengthens the curb 5x stronger than traditional curb for more durability. Sealant is applied within the first week of installation and is recommended to be re-applied the first year after, then every two years. When the sealant is first applied the fresh concrete absorbs a lot of the sealant so reapplying every 2 years helps protect the curb from cracking and drying, protects against sun fading and keeps your curb looking fresh.

How long does curb edging take?

Depending on the area of the curb and size of the project, most curb edging jobs are completed in less than 1 day which includes removal of existing edging, ground prep, and installation.

Concrete Curb Edging

There are many materials like plastic, wood or metal used for edging, but concrete is the most durable and low maintenance option. Concrete provides durability and cannot be torn like other common materials. Also, concrete curb edging comes with several designs and pattern options, so that you can create gorgeous borders that compliment your landscape.

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Concrete curb edging can add value to your property, help you sell your house for a better price or help your house stand out in a competing market, build a great first impression with visitors, motivate more people to visit your commercial property and much more. Though it seems like a cosmetic job, it is functional providing a separation between landscape beds, hold rock and mulch in, create a barrier for weedsand make it easier for mowing around.

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